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Y&T V-989H Table Tennis Robot with Recycling Net

Product Code V-989H
RRP $3,100.00
Our Price $2,480.00

Stock Avaliable: 2



The Y&T V-989H Robot is loaded with advanced technology and is the ultimate companion for Table Tennis Training. With a steel body this durable robot is designed to keep you moving for years and features high-tech components like a full colour touchscreen, programmable options and a fully recyclable net.

This is a popular robot for Table Tennis clubs due to its strength and durability and advanced control features. This powerful robot can place the ball anywhere on the table at a new spin rotation everytime.

Features include:

- 100% Pre-assembled Robot in box
- Colour Touchscreen LCD panel
- Durable Steel Construction, sits off the table
- Programmable combination with 9 different spins
- Serve curve is controlled from control box and can produce each ball with different spin. E.g. First ball is short, backhand, underspin, and Second ball is long ball, forehand, topspin., LED light spin indicator
- Serve frequency and speed: 25-90Balls/min, 4-50m/sec, Double-wheel adjustment
- Serve curve: Adjustable high or low level (from APP or control box No need to turn the knob, manually)
- Landing spot: Programmable from 1 to 11 (long/short)
- Various serve sequence: 9 slots for storing self-programmed sequences (landing spot, spin, speed, loop, and ball count), 30 sets of preset sequences
- Total ball counts/Timer: 1-999 balls, 1-180 minutes
- Ball container can hold 100 balls
- Initialization: One key initialization function
- Digital clock
- Fully Recyclable Net System
- Ball Scoop for easy floor ball collection
- 60 x Table Tennis Balls Included (3 Star 40+ ABS)
- 2 Year Parts Warranty

- Total Weight 23.40KG
- Net Weight 15.20KG
- Package Measurement 110*57*43.5cm
- Machine body measurement 52*37*105cm