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Aussie Table Tennis Table Buying Guide

We have been selling Table Tennis Tables in Australia for over 40 years and like to think we know a thing or two about Table Tennis or Ping Pong as some people like to call it. We are always more than happy to give you free friendly advice over the phone, but our Buying Guide might give all the answers you need to be able to make the right choice when it comes to buying an Indoor or Outdoor Table Tennis Table.

Who is this guide for?

Nearly everyone has played Table Tennis at least once in their life, be it at school as a child, at a friend’s house, at home or even at a club! Table Tennis is one of those games that is always fun to play and one of the best things about game is anyone can play regardless of age and/or skill level! We won’t bore you with too many facts and figures – just Google it if you need more information – there are plenty of studies about the benefits of playing Ping Pong, whether it will help kids with their eye-hand coordination or help our senior citizens improve their balance and lower their chances of falls and injuries.

The benefits are many, which is why so many people, especially families decide to buy a Table Tennis Table – as it is fun for everyone! If you have never owned a Ping Pong Table before, you probably want to do your own research or rely on friends and/or family for advice. We would be more than happy to help you make the right choice as we like to think we know a thing or two about table tennis tables as we have been selling the best international brands including STIGA and Cornilleau since the 1970’s. 

This guide is basically for anyone looking to buy a Table Tennis Table, but more so for someone who is buying their first table and not sure which is the best one to buy. We are here to help you making the right decision!

Who are we and what we have to offer

ATT (Aussie Table Tennis) was established in 1970’s. Today we are proud to say that ATT has grown to become Australia’s Number 1 Table Tennis Speciality Store! You can either buy our products online or visit our Shop. Our address is: Building A3, 57-65 Templar Road, Erskine Park NSW 2759
We sell the best international brands such as STIGA, Cornilleau, Butterfly, Yasaka and Newgy and are always prepared to offer you friendly expert advice.
We are also happy to change any rubbers you purchase from us free of charge. For the more serious player, it is important that you use blades and rubbers that suits your playing style and skill level. Very few people in this world have unlimited funds and we don’t think you should spend money on products you don’t really need. This is why we are happy to help you make the right choices when it comes to buying table tennis equipment.

The Basics

table tennis table dimensions
Measure out the above dimensions of the table on your floor space. Stand behind where the edge of the table would be and swing your arm and see if you have enough room to play. Allow for sideways movement and your arm being outstretched for wide shots. Generally, the more room you have the more fun you will have! If it turns out you don’t have enough room you might want to consider an outdoor table if you have space outside. You could also consider a Mini or Midi table for smaller indoor spaces.

Looking after your table is very easy. If you have an outdoor model, occasionally wipe it over with a damp sponge or chamois.
If you have an Indoor Table Tennis Table, we just recommend using Windex. It will bring out the colours of your table more than they remove marks. Unfortunately, no cleaner will remove all ball scuff marks on a wooden table surface. At the most you should only have to clean your table 3 or 4 times a year. Use the cleaner sparingly. Too much cleaning can make the surface shiny. Remember NEVER put any food or drinks on your table! Table covers are recommended if your outdoor table tennis table is stored outside and exposed to the weather. For indoor tables a cover is not essential unless your garage or area where you store it is prone to lots of dust. Other table accessories such as bat and ball holders (some tables have these as part of their structure); court surrounds to stop the ball going into hard-to retrieve places and robots are also available.

All Table Tennis Tables are NOT created equal!

Anyone researching table tennis tables would be surprised by the wide range of models available. The last few years has seen an explosion of new brands, nearly all of them from Asia. It can be very confusing as to which table to buy. 2 tables with the same RRP can appear to be very similar, but once you have a closer look at the specifications, you will find that they can be very different. The size of the frame, legs and wheels are normally where the tables will differ and as a general rule, the thicker/bigger these are, the better the table will be. Customers often ask us the question “what is the difference between European-made and Asian-made tables?”. Before we answer that, we want to make it clear that we sell both European and Chinese made tables. We have personally visited the factories and seen for ourselves the materials and processes that produce the tables. We are also proud to say that all tables we offer are made in the best table tennis table factories around the world and because of that nearly 90% of professional clubs in Australia use our tables.

The best quality tables are made in Europe. These tables are made by laser-cutting technology and state of the art modern industrial machines. European manufacturers source high quality materials in Europe and generally produce much lighter tables (easier to set-up and pack-up) with a better bounce. The bounce on European-made tables is unparalleled, The fibreboard used is highly compacted, which is much more dense and harder in structure, but it is not just down to the better quality of wood. The paint used in European factories is of the highest quality and tends to grab and kick the ball higher than the equivalent Asian table. Numerous coats of paint are applied and sanded before the final surface is produced. European made tables normally have a non-shiny/glary surface.
Big brands like STIGA also have continuity and evolution in their designs, but perhaps the biggest difference is in durability as European made tables have a longer life due to the better quality of materials. It’s also important to know that every European table is approved to a European safety standard (EN 14468-1)
Asian tables are largely made by hand. The MDF wood is not as good as the fibreboard used on European tables and if you look hard enough on any Asian hand-made table, the imperfections, although minor, are often apparent with a close look at the table. In saying that, the factory in China making STIGA tables also manufacture for most of the other big international brands. This is simply because it is the best table tennis table factory in Asia. In our opinion, the main advantage of Asian tables is in price, which is an important factor when it comes to buying a Table Tennis Table.

4 Questions you need to answer!

There are 4 standard questions we normally ask anyone enquiring about buying a table tennis table. Once you have answered the questions, we recommend you give us a call on (02) 9670 0670, so together we can make sure you get the best possible table for your needs.
1. Will you be using the table indoors or outdoors? WHAT TO CONSIDER: One rain shower or hot sunshine can "kill" an indoor table if left outside.
2. Do you need a 1-Piece or 2-Piece Table? WHAT TO CONSIDER: One piece is convenient and great for playback practice mode. Two-piece tables use up much less storage space.
3. Recreational or Competition (e.g. Top of the range)? WHAT TO CONSIDER: A competition table is much stronger and durable with a thicker surface for the best bounce. Recreational tables are much cheaper and will probably do the job if it’s for young kids ‘hit & giggle’.
4. What is your budget? 
WHAT TO CONSIDER: Allow for freight, bats and balls if you need them.

Will you be using the table indoors or outdoors?

The Golden Rule is: If there is any chance of the table being exposed to rain or humidity and/ or excessive sun light, then DON’T buy an indoor table!
It’s okay to buy an indoor table if you place it outside for an hour or 2 as long as it is not raining or it is not a very hot day. It’s also okay to buy an indoor table if it’s kept undercover in an outdoor area as long as it won’t be exposed to too much moisture as it will damage the playing surface. In this situation, you should definitely put a cover over it whenever it is not in use.
Outdoor tables are more expensive compared to equivalent indoor tables due to their specialised weatherproof surfaces. The extra money you spend on an outdoor table is money well spent compared to the risk of leaving an indoor table out in the weather.
IMPORTANT NOTE! Please beware of retailers offering you a wooden table with treated surfaces as “weatherproof". These tables are not fully outdoor and they will not last if rained on or exposed to a lot of sun.

A 1-Piece or 2-Piece Table?

A 1-Piece table is where all parts (legs, frame and the playing tops etc.) are connected on a trolley system in one single unit. Many of the one-piece models have the advantage of the net being part of the table structure, so you don’t have to put it on and take it off. They are also handy and convenient for someone who wants to play by themselves (playback practice mode).
A 2-Piece Table comes in 2 separate autonomous halves. You then connect the 2 parts using the net and posts at the middle which keeps it all together. Most 2-piece tables have brakes for added stability although these are not essential. The 2-piece table design has a couple of advantages over a 1-piece. It is lighter and easier to move around if you only move 1 half of the table at a time and it takes up much less space when stored. If you move your table up and down stairs and/or don’t have a lot of room in your playing area. We recommend a 2-piece table instead of a 1-piece table. 2-piece tables also have playback practice mode.
Conclusion: There is no difference between the 2 versions once the table is set up. They have the standard measurements of LxWxH: 274 x 152.5 x76 cm. A 1-Piece table is about 75 cm wide when stored and a 2-Pieces table just over 60 cm wide, but if you don’t have any storage problems and someone is always there to help you move/lift the table, then it doesn’t really matter whether you buy a 1- Piece or 2-Piece table.

Recreational or top end?

If the table is to be used for official competition or you simply want the best bounce and an ultra-strong table then an ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) approved table is the way to go.
ITTF approved tables are always used for National, International and Olympic Championships. They have been fully tested by the ITTF for bounce quality before being approved with Approved status.
An ITTF approved table is normally 22mm or thicker, so for recreational use you don’t really need this kind of table but remember the thicker the table, the better the bounce.
ITTF approved tables are more expensive because they have a thicker playing surface and much stronger frame and wheel structure to carry the heavier surface. Being ultra-strong, an ITTF table will last a lot longer if properly looked after. Please note that no Outdoor tables are approved for official sanctioned competition.

What is your Table Tennis Budget?

This question together with the question “Will you be using the table indoors or outdoors?” are the most important. A few months ago we had a customer calling us saying that he wanted to buy a specific table. It wasn’t cheap and from memory it cost around $1200. When we asked him how he came across Aussie Table Tennis, he said he initially wanted to buy a $100 table he saw in an ALDI catalogue, but after doing his research and knowing a little bit more about table tennis tables, he decided to buy a table for $1200 instead. This is very rare though and our best advice to you is to try and stay within your budget.
As a general rule the thicker the table top, the better the bounce. The table frame and wheels also get thicker and stronger as the tables get more expensive. Sometimes you will be able to see the value in spending an extra $50 or $100 on a table. Remember to allow for freight, bats, balls and net in your budget.
Final Words
Hopefully we have been able to help you in your decision as to which table tennis table to buy, but it doesn’t stop here. We highly recommend that you call us once you have written down your answers as we can do the final check to make sure you get exactly the table for your needs and budget.

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