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Yasaka Reinforce AC Table Tennis Blade

Product Code TG-113
RRP $164.99
Our Price $98.99

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This blade from Yasaka is superbly finished with new Aramid Carbon layers offers very high speed with good control. It has a very large sweet spot.

By sandwiching various carbons just beside the core material, there is an added repulsive power of special material while having wood control performance. "Lean Force" series that gives player's batting power and stability AC equipped with aramid carbon with high repulsive force and soft shot feeling. A high-performance racket that can strike a powerful ball while maintaining stability.

REVIEW for Yasaka Reinforce AC Table Tennis Blade

I have been using the latest blade (Yasaka Reinforce AC) for the last couple of months in both training and competition.  It is a fantastic blade that is well balanced in the hand and has great touch and feeling.  The blade has a softer feel to it than other carbon blades and as a result provides more feeling when playing the short game.  When playing away from the table it has strong kick and allows good penetration on the opposing side of the table.  In relation to blocking it has great feeling yet allows for strong counter attack – the switch between attack and defence is subtle insofar as feeling.  Last seaon I competed with one of the fastest blades on the market, and I feel the Yasaka Reinforce AC, is a better all round blade that provides more control and feeling yet still has the strong characteristics of a carbon blade in relation to quickness. 
The weight of the blade is excellent – it is not top heavy and has a nice even balance through the hand.    
Overall, I highly rate this blade and would recommend it to any attacking player that wants good feeling and control in their hand yet one that is fast enough to counter attack with speed.

Paul Langley
Olympian, 27+ national champion and numerous Oceania champion, former National Coach and Team Manager

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  • Weight
  • Control
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